Euro Vegas: It’s Not a Myth

19/11/2013 By Jones Off

For years, people have talked about Euro Vegas like it was the lost city of Atlantis. However, it is not a myth. Euro Vegas is going to happen because there are a number of supporters. Madrid, Spain has been chosen as the site – and…

Online Casino Review Sites

30/10/2013 By Jones Off

Online casino review sites are a very powerful tool for the winning gambler. When you are looking to deposit your hard-won dollars into an online casino account, you want to be sure that you are getting a fair shake for your money. One of the…

The key elements of an online casino

23/10/2013 By Jones Off

Why risk playing at an online casino that does not provide you with everything that you are looking for? That is a risk not worth taking when the matter in question is the money that you are gambling. It is a good idea to look…

What are ewallets and are they safe?

02/10/2013 By Jones Off

As more and more people do their shopping entirely online, the public’s attention has been drawn to the e-wallet. Sometimes called a digital wallet, an e-wallet has been shown to be a more convenient way of transferring money online, not to mention more secure and…

Casino UK Announces Free Roulette eBook

10/09/2013 By Jones Off

Casino UK has published a new roulette eBook that is completely free to download! From Start to Strategy The new book is not a simple overview of roulette. It provides an advanced course that establishes a foundation and then builds on that all the way…

Wagering On Doctor Who Halted

03/09/2013 By Jones Off

The wild world of entertainment prop betting was stood on its ear today as UK sports book giant William Hill halted betting on who will be the next Doctor Who. The floodgates have been opened with keen interest being paid to Peter Capaldi. Odds were…

William Hill Sees Huge Profit Spike

15/08/2013 By Jones Off

William Hill has long been one of the biggest and most successful bookmakers in England and throughout the world. Reports suggest that the powerhouse might be getting even stronger. The company now has more than 3,000 employees through Yorkshire, and those people are very necessary…

INFOGRAPHIC – Banks vs Casinos

08/02/2013 By Jones Off

If you had the choice to invest in a bank or a casino, where would you put your money? This infographic from 777 Dragon Casino Singapore explores the topic.