Casino Mate Review

casino mateCasino Mate is Australia’s favourite online casino that was established in 2001. It has constantly strived to entertain customers with vast selection of games and 24/7 customer support. The customers of Casino Mate have been rewarded regularly for their loyalty to the website with promotional offers and competitions prompting them to bring in friends and acquaintances. Besides popular video poker games, the website has both 5 reel and 3 reel slot games with titles like Chain Mail, Hound Hotel, Cricket Star, Ariana and several more. To meet the demands of live games, it also has live dealer table tournaments for blackjack, roulette and craps.

Free spins, deposit bonus and other benefits

Unlike other casinos which give welcome bonus only on the first deposit, Casino Mate gives players a bonus on the first four deposits. While 100% of the first deposit is given back as bonus, 200% of 2nd deposit is given back while 25% of third deposit bonus is returned and most surprising of all around 50% is given back as bonus on 4th deposit. Besides movie and TV show inspired slot games like Game of Thrones, Bride’s Maids and Jurassic Park to thrill players, the website also gives players access to progressive slots like Mega Moolah.

Rewards and benefits

With access to more than 450 pokies games, this creation of Microgaming is outstanding. It provides players an opportunity to make money on a daily basis through games like Reloader and Extender that allow players to win $1000 while Weekend Whooper tournament has $10,000 as prize money. Its rewarding Monthly Monster gives away $25000 per month. The website is also available on smartphones and tablets and players can simply use existing login details to play the game on portable devices. Players are given loyalty programs called C-bucks which can be spent to play more games or for redeeming casino credits. Casino Mate mobile offers a gaming experience like no other!

Simple Roulette Tips

Congratulations! You have decided to start playing roulette. Roulette is a gambling game many people don’t try. Many people are introduced to gambling through slot machines. Others begin their hobby of gambling through the notable card games of blackjack and poker. However, eventually gamblers decide to try something different. Roulette is a gambling game most people eventually decide to try. Make sure your first experience with this classic gambling game is a positive one. Read on to discover two basic tips to succeed!


The first roulette tip is to select the proper roulette wheel. It’s true! There are two different types of roulette wheels that you are likely to see in casinos or on the Internet. One wheel is a called the American wheel, and the other wheel is called the European wheel. You want to select the European wheel each time you play. Why should you select the European wheel over the American wheel? The European wheel has better odds for you to win! This is because the American roulette wheel has an additional green slot with double zeros inside of it. This gives the house a greater chance of winning. Those tricky Americans! This brings us to the second tip. Always start by betting red or black. This is the easiest bet to understand. It also helps you see why that extra green slot harms your chances on an American roulette wheel.

Take the time to read up on more roulette tips. You can easily find them on the Internet. The key is to keep your head. Always make sure you are betting with probability and strategy. You never want to bet with just impulse. Roulette can be a fantastic gambling experience. Go find a roulette wheel today!

Casinos in Deadwood Take Initiative

Starting from the first of July, 2015, casinos in the Black Hills town will start offering new games to players in a bid to convert the South Dakota town into a place that casino goers find attractive. As of now, rather than come to Deadwood, players are moving to places like Iowa and Colorado to find games that are popular. Deadwood Gaming Association’s executive director, Mike Rodman, believes that the new games will make Deadwood seem like a complete gaming destination, one that can compete with other destinations across the United States. According to Rodman, the new games are expected to increase revenue from gambling for the town of Deadwood after the last two dismal years (at least as far as gambling revenue is concerned).

Deadwood Mountain Grand CasinoCraps, roulette, and keno to be introduced from July 1

The new games that are to be introduced in casinos, and which are expected to draw a large number of players, include craps, roulette, and keno. Rodman says that from 8 o’clock on the first of July, players will be able to start playing these games. This move seems to be very popular, as attested to by David Schneiter, who is the general manager of a gaming resort here. He too, says, that the new games will mean that the resorts will now have everything that players look for.

Expected large increase in revenue

The approval for introducing these games was given by the lawmakers earlier this year. This came on the heels of last November’s voting where the citizens of South Dakota overwhelmingly supported this measure. While the revenue increase from these games is estimated to be around a couple of million dollars every year, the additional revenue that players will bring now from spending on other games will amount to a lot more.

Winning A Progressive Jackpot

Ask anyone who plays slots and most of them will tell you that they aim for progressive jackpots. These are the jackpots where the winning value increases with a small margin every time a player misses the jackpot. The winning amount keeps on increasing till a player hits a jackpot, after which the next jackpot amount again goes back to the original value that it started from.

Progressive-JackpotsApart from lottery, the only game which gives players a chance to win a million dollars in a single bet is a progressive slot game. However, the odds of winning a progressive jackpot are quite low, but then the amount of money you have to pay on placing a bet is also comparatively lower, so what’s the harm in trying your luck anyway? You never know when it turns on your side.

Tips to win progressive jackpots

Always go for the max bet

Whether you are playing at toponlinecasinos or a physical casino, always go for the max bet option. You are likely to win the highest jackpot only when you opt for the max bet. If not, you may just one-third of the amount it would be had you placed a max bet.

Check when the last jackpot was hit

Before placing your bet, it is advisable to check with the casino on when the last jackpot was hit on the machine. If the payout is not big enough, you can skip the machine.

After winning a massive progressive jackpot, it is natural for players to get excited and spend most of ti carelessly. However, you need to think ahead about what you will do with the jackpot amount. Save at least some of it for things that are important to you, because like we said, the odd of hitting another jackpot are less!

Scratch Mania Brings New Slot Games with Big Jackpots

Online gaming site Scratch Mania is Scratch Mania’s roulette gameamong the top scratch card websites within Europe, which has an amazing collection of slot games. If you love playing scratch card games then now is the chance to try your luck at winning huge jackpots as Scratch Mania has introduced some new slot games with jackpots. Penny-pinchers can try out arcade style games like Fruit Machine, which has three reels with one pay line, and other penny slots.

New jackpot games at Scratch Mania

Scratch ManiaPlayers can now try out a new game Zombie Apocalypse, which is a 15-line slot game with gruesome faces of ghosts and zombies. Besides this there are other slot games to help you win jackpots of more than 10,000 times your bet amount. Every week the developers at Scratch Mania are adding new slots with free spins to help you increase your chances with fresh slots.

Players on Scratch Mania are advised to view the pay table on a daily basis to try out the jackpots available and make new bets. Some popular slot games are Rainbow Fortunes and Egypt Gold. Goal Scorer is another new game that has been added to Scratch Mania in which players can simulate England’s World Cup problems by engaging in a penalty shot against the goal keeper. The scenario is similar to England’s situation during the game in which the team lost a large majority of good chances.

Roulette games on Scratch Mania

Scratch Mania’s roulette game also offers a VIP section, which players can access by playing more and increasing their wagers. Top end VIP players are given “Comp Points” that can be exchanged for actual cash.

Phoenix Game Studio Releases Jackpot Roulette Casino

A new roulette game has been released by Phoenix Game Studio in the Google Play Store. It is called ‘Jackpot Roulette Casino’. The good news is that you can download the app and play the game free-of-charge. It has some exciting graphics and thrilling sound effects.

Playing the Jackpot Roulette Casino

Phoenix Game Studio

The players of the game get typical European roulette with the option to place different kinds of bets in a quick and easy way, including few of the slightly complicated combinations. In addition to this, more chips can be received by the players without any extra payment. What is extremely impressive about the game is its animation featuring the ‘roulette wheel’. It is amazing to see the spinning and rolling of the ball on the wheel.

In the previous few weeks, there have been over a thousand downloads of the game and it has been getting excellent reviews from the players. More than 97 percent of the feedback left on Google Play rewards it 4 to 5 stars. This indicates that it has been received quite well among the users and they are enjoying the game thoroughly.

Roulette is basically a casino game, which got its name from a French diminutive. The players can opt to put bets on a combination of numbers or a single number, colours black or red, or the appearance of an even or odd number.

About Phoenix Game Studio

Phoenix Game Studio is a game development firm, which operates independently and is based in Serbia. It is a small team which is driven by a common passion for creating as well as distributing exciting and attention-grabbing games in addition to programming, drawing, 3D modelling and digital sculpting.

It is presently working on XBOX consoles at the XNA Game Studio as well as Unity 3D, currently for iOS. It is however planning to extend to PC, Windows Phone 7 and Android.

Croupier Promises Not Out of Bounds

In the United States, a decision to drop charges implies that lucky number talk is legal. Similar incidents have occurred in Europe, Canada and Australia, but none of those cases materialized or moved as far along as this one.

Lucky Number Talk

Lucky numbersIn most casinos, professional croupiers work on commission. Although the base pay in London is about £16k to £30k based on experienced, the best performers pull in six figures. This is the reason why croupiers are a lot like salesmen, and anyone who has been in a casino has seen this in action. Croupiers will engage their audience, sell them on larger and additional bets and, when table activity is low, attempt to attract people off the main floor. This is called lucky number talk because the sales pitch will often go something like, “What’s your lucky number? I can help you hit it.”

The Implied Promise

The implied promise in “I can help you hit it” and similar language is the rub. The informed gambler understands that there is no implied promise. The argument that has cropped up in the U.S. and elsewhere is that the novice, the person in a casino for the first time, for instance, may have no concept of that at all. Furthermore, an effective salesperson could take advantage of that ignorance to make a person believe that their chances are better than they actually are.

The U.S. Decision

In the U.S. situation, events had proceeded far enough along that both the croupier and his supervisor had been suspended and criminally charged due to allegations brought fought by patrons of the casino. The police filed the charges and a district attorney chose to move forward with them. The case, however, never made it to court because the judge who was to oversee the case pressured the DA to drop the charges presumably based on the notion that ignorance is the fault of the consumer and not the dealer.

Films Featuring Roulette

Film directors love story plots with gambling and casinos. There are countless films that revolve around gambling or feature casino games. Here are a few movies – old and new – with roulette as part of their plot.

  • Casablanca (1942)

film_gambling and casinoThe movie is a classic. Rick, the protagonist, fixes the roulette wheel in his café, after which number 22 comes up most frequently during the spins. However, it’s not only for tricking people. He helps a newly-wed couple win money, which they need for getting their American visa. By doing so, he helps the couple from getting into trouble at the start of their marriage.

Lost in America (1985)

The movie features a couple who leaves their boring lives behind and goes on a trip. All is going well for them until they end up in Vegas. The wife takes to the roulette wheel and loses most of their money playing game after game. By the end of the film, the couple longs to go back to their boring old lives.

Casino (1995)

The movie by ace director Martin Scorsese is about Las Vegas, greed and power. Robert De Niro and Sharon Stone infuse the film with extra glamour and charm.

Run Lola Run (1998)

This one is a cult film that features roulette in its final segment where the heroine wants to win big so that she can stop her boyfriend from committing robbery. Her final win and screams added to the film’s popularity.

Croupier (1998)

The movie is based in London and is an out and out roulette film. The hero is a failed writer who becomes a croupier, giving the audience a chance to see the world of gambling through his eyes.

13 (2010)

The movie is about a young man who bets on the roulette table to win money needed for his father’s treatment. It shows different versions of roulette.

Toy Story 3 (2010)

Though Toy Story 3 does not have much to do with gambling, one scene features a roulette table where the characters win batteries instead of cash.

Roulette No Longer Just For The Casinos!

For casino-goers and avid gamblers, the word roulette brings up a very specific mental image of a red and white wheel and a board of numbers staring back at them from the table. The rules are relatively simple, and although some will try to argue that there is a “strategy” that works better for placing bets, those who understand statistics know that it really is just a game of chance. This makes the process and game-play formula super simple. Spin the wheel. Hope that luck is your side. Take the winnings or suffer the consequences depending on the outcome. It is because of this simplistic formula that the game roulette has caused so many spin-off games of the same nature.

rouletteThe idea of a prize wheel being spun at a carnival or street fair is one that many people are familiar with. It’s even a concept that many children come into contact with far before they are aware of the game that caused the fun prize-wheel’s creation. Roulette is, however, the source of inspiration for such games.

Perhaps the most well-known spin-off of roulette, and a game or term which may even be more closely associated with the word ‘roulette’ for non-gamblers than the original game itself, is Russian Roulette. While the sinister game itself is a spin-off of the casino classic, it even has its own further spin-offs with the term ‘russian roulette’ being appropriated as a commonly used global business term. In addition to these two games there’s also that which any university student has probably come in contact with, The Spins – a Roulette themed drinking game in which shots are placed on the board instead of chips.

All in all, roulette is a game which has certainly transcended its placement in a casino. It’s a game that is fully integrated into everyday life, and it’s a game which despite traveling outside the gambling-world walls has remained a popular classic for centuries.

Investors Win with Intertain Expansion

The growth of the online gambling market has made the Intertain Group Ltd investors a substantial amount of money in 2014. Analysts expect stronger gains in the future if the company follows its aggressive expansion plan.

Price up

online casinoIntertain shares spurted in excess of 200 percent after it went public in February. The initial price per share was just $4. Intertain is headquartered in Toronto and is the company behind the InterPoker and InterCasino online gaming brands.

Intertain provides online games like Texas hold’em, roulette and blackjack mostly to players active in British market. It is a high margin business and attracts investors who are appreciative of maturing market of online gaming and also believe in the growth-by-acquisition business strategy adopted by the company. This holds true even as the valuation of the stock is at higher end when compared to the peer group.

Excellent investment

According to Eyal Ofir, an analyst at Clarus Securities, the investors are paying a steeper price, but are gaining upside of the additional mergers and acquisitions. Mr. Ofir has set a price target of $14.30 on stock, the target, however, does not reflect the most recent acquisition of the company.

A majority of analysts familiar with the industry are positive towards buying. The price target by consensus over 2015 is $14.34, as per S&P Capital IQ. At present the stock trades in the region of $13.80. He added that if investors are willing to spend their money on casino operators which are traded publicly, then Intertain is an excellent buy, as it operates only in regulated jurisdictions.

Intertain became a public entity after it purchased InterCasino assets from Anaya Gaming Group Inc. which is a technology company. Intertain started its expansion in June with the purchase of Mandalay Media, a bingo website company operating out of Britain. It has also agreed to buy out Vera & John, which will give Intertain access to a larger number of players from the Nordic nations.