Casinos in Deadwood Take Initiative

07/05/2015 By Bridget Off

Starting from the first of July, 2015, casinos in the Black Hills town will start offering new games to players in a bid to convert the South Dakota town into a place that casino goers find attractive. As of now, rather than come to Deadwood, players are moving to places like Iowa and Colorado to find games that are popular. Deadwood Gaming Association’s executive director, Mike Rodman, believes that the new games will make Deadwood seem like a complete gaming destination, one that can compete with other destinations across the United States. According to Rodman, the new games are expected to increase revenue from gambling for the town of Deadwood after the last two dismal years (at least as far as gambling revenue is concerned).

Deadwood Mountain Grand CasinoCraps, roulette, and keno to be introduced from July 1

The new games that are to be introduced in casinos, and which are expected to draw a large number of players, include craps, roulette, and keno. Rodman says that from 8 o’clock on the first of July, players will be able to start playing these games. This move seems to be very popular, as attested to by David Schneiter, who is the general manager of a gaming resort here. He too, says, that the new games will mean that the resorts will now have everything that players look for.

Expected large increase in revenue

The approval for introducing these games was given by the lawmakers earlier this year. This came on the heels of last November’s voting where the citizens of South Dakota overwhelmingly supported this measure. While the revenue increase from these games is estimated to be around a couple of million dollars every year, the additional revenue that players will bring now from spending on other games will amount to a lot more.