Winning A Progressive Jackpot

30/04/2015 By Bridget Off

Ask anyone who plays slots and most of them will tell you that they aim for progressive jackpots. These are the jackpots where the winning value increases with a small margin every time a player misses the jackpot. The winning amount keeps on increasing till a player hits a jackpot, after which the next jackpot amount again goes back to the original value that it started from.

Progressive-JackpotsApart from lottery, the only game which gives players a chance to win a million dollars in a single bet is a progressive slot game. However, the odds of winning a progressive jackpot are quite low, but then the amount of money you have to pay on placing a bet is also comparatively lower, so what’s the harm in trying your luck anyway? You never know when it turns on your side.

Tips to win progressive jackpots

Always go for the max bet

Whether you are playing at toponlinecasinos or a physical casino, always go for the max bet option. You are likely to win the highest jackpot only when you opt for the max bet. If not, you may just one-third of the amount it would be had you placed a max bet.

Check when the last jackpot was hit

Before placing your bet, it is advisable to check with the casino on when the last jackpot was hit on the machine. If the payout is not big enough, you can skip the machine.

After winning a massive progressive jackpot, it is natural for players to get excited and spend most of ti carelessly. However, you need to think ahead about what you will do with the jackpot amount. Save at least some of it for things that are important to you, because like we said, the odd of hitting another jackpot are less!