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Roulette. It’s one of the most popular games in the casino industry and carries with it a buzz, big payouts and just plain good fun. Regardless of whether you’re a serious gambler or someone who’s just in it for a thrill, Roulette is the perfect combination of luck and strategy. Roulette, though seemingly simple has many facets and there are a wealth of different variations you can try. Each come with their own different rules and unique gameplay options but the core essence is the same.

We’ve decided to put together a description and review of the top 10 Roulette games you can play online.  We recommend you try ‘em all, but if you can’t, take a look and pick the one that suits your playing style best. We’ve highlighted the different features, playing options, pros and cons as well as the different online casinos you can play the Roulette version at. Take a look and choose the game that’s best for you.


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