La Boule Roulette


Software Provider B3W Group
Single Player Yes
Multiplayer Yes
Minimum Stake 1
Maximum Stake 400
Flash version Yes
Download version Yes


Why we like it:

  • Interesting, unique game of Roulette

What’s not too hot:

  • High house edge


La Boule Roulette is the old French style of playing Roulette. While it may not be the most popular game choice at the casino it is still fun to play and brings in big rewards. The bets in Boule are placed in the same way as Roulette where you bet on a single number, colour, odd, even, low, high or groupings. Number 5 in Boule is the same as the zero or the double zero in American and European Roulette. This means that all the wagers which did not bet on 5 are lost. There are as many as four 5’s on the wheel so the chances of it being spun are greater than those of spinning a zero.

The gambling limits range from 1 to 400 and the default is set at 1. A great feature is that because of the Multiplayer aspect, you can talk, interact and engage with other players who also want to play the game. The payout structure is also very simple. All the single number bets pay 7 to 1 whereas the odds, evens, reds, blacks, lows and highs pay even money. The house edge on any bet is 11.11%.

While the graphics seem quite basic and the payout high, it is definitely a fun and unique type of Roulette to play.

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