Playtech Creates a Roulette and Slot Machine Hybrid

When online casino customers are categorized, there are usually two groups formed by researchers and statisticians. One group contains customers who prefer to enjoy table games, while the other group consists of slot machine users. This may be true in a majority of cases. A lot of players will only visit the slot machines on an online site, while others get fascinated by poker, blackjack, roulette or baccarat.

roulette_slotmachineDespite those generalizations, there are a number of players who enjoy BOTH casino table games and slot machine games. Playtech has decided to tempt these players with a game that combines the best features of slot machines and roulette. This game features a combination of slots, roulette, and the characters from Marvel’s comic books.

Known as Marvel Roulette, it is a slot machine game that heavily incorporates elements of French roulette. Players can gamble on a single number, color, odd/even number, or a sequence of numbers. Players can also make bets in a manner normally accustomed to horse racing tracks.

There are a lot of bonuses in this game. The “Marvel Roulette Bonus” is triggered when the game’s roulette wheel lands on the bonus icon. Each time you hit that icon, the game gives you three free bets on a three reel slot machine.

In addition to these neat features, the game is also linked to a larger Marvel jackpot. There are four separate jackpots in this game. Players can win either 50 euros, 500 euros, 5,000 euros, or 100,000 euros. These winnings are separate from the major win of hitting the jackpot on the slot machine.

This fascinating game can be enjoyed at any of the online casinos powered by Playtech’s software. William Hill and Winner Online Casino are two examples of casinos with world class Playtech products in action.

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EUCasino Offers Free Game Previews

Wouldn’t it be great if online gambling games were made available without a heavy dose of uncertainty? Well, that may be too much to ask for, but if you are looking to play top online gambling games for free, your wish has just been granted! EUCasino is the place to be for internet gambling without even having to register with the site. So if you are new in the online gambling arena, this is a smart option to begin with. Seasoned players can also make the most of it by previewing games that catch their interest.

No work, all play

eucasinoEUCasino is the generous online gambling provider, giving its visitors the liberty to test games before investing in them. The site has put forth some of the most popular titles for grabs. You can play video poker, roulette, blackjack, and slots even if you do not have an account on the site. Of course, you won’t be able to take home any prizes with it, but hey, it’s all about having a good time, right? You can also learn a thing or two about the games and then challenge the pros for a round.

Once you are on the homepage of the site, you need to choose from one of the games (like Video Poker and Slots) mentioned at the bottom of the page. It will lead you to the Previews page from where you can select any of the games you wish to play. Certain games may require you to download the software. Once you are done playing the limited version, you can decide if you want to go for the paid one.

Are you game?

The site is offering as many as 66 games for free. Apart from various versions of blackjack and baccarat, you can also play video poker variations like Caribbean Poker, Jacks or Better, Sic Bo, Deuces Wild, and Holdem Poker. If you are interested in slot games, you can pick classics like 7 Heaven and Diamond Double. You can also find multi-round games such as Black Gold Rush, Millionaire Genie, and Wizard of Odds under the Previews page.

Win Big with Terminator 2 and Crazy Vegas Casino

Players constantly dream of winning big with online slots, but some players think that the odds of winning aren’t worth the risk. Try telling that to one lucky player. Terminator 2 just landed on the market on June 6, and one lucky player hit it big on the game just a few weeks later, leaving the casino with EUR 40,000. If that isn’t enough to make you take a chance on the game, check out some of its amazing features. The game has five reels and 243 paylines, which means that you have hundreds of different chances to win. It also has an amazing payback percentage of more than 98 percent, meaning that your odds of winning are great. Many players also love that all the characters from the film are on display in the game, including Sarah Conner and the Terminator himself.

terminator 2 online slot

That lucky player hit it big at Crazy Vegas Casino, and after checking out the benefits of this online casino, you’ll want to try your hand too. One feature that players love is the progressive slot payout and progressive games. With progressive games, your odds of winning increase as you keep playing. Others using the same game see a portion of their bets go into one large pot, and those who hit certain symbols receive the entire payout.

The live feature is another option that many people love. One problem that some people have with playing online is that they don’t get the same thrill and excitement that they do when playing in a gambling center in real life. With the live play feature, everything happens in real time. You have the chance to play against other people from all around the world, and you’ll feel like you’re right in the center of the action.

Why settle for a casino that only lets you receive your payment through one or two different ways? This casino lets you withdraw your money in several different ways. If you have a Visa or MasterCard, even a prepaid card, you can ask the casino to send the money back to your card. You can then use your earnings to buy anything your heart desires. Players also have the option of using Neteller, Moneybrooker or other online payment methods. The next time you head to the casino and place a bet on the Terminator II machine, you might be the next big winner.

Swipe Roulette: The Good ‘Ol European Roulette, But In 3D!

Rich Casino recently introducedits new 3D game, Swipe Roulette, with the intention of boosting large winnings and offering quality entertainment for its players. With frequent opportunities to strike big, the popular online casino offers a safe platform for players to enjoy quality games. Recently announcing its new release, Rich Casino has made the game available for all its website users. The game uses realistic 3D designs and elegant accents to follow the classical era of European Roulette, which remains a favourite amongst casino players at Rich Casino.

Swipe Roulette

Game features

Swipe Roulette features high definition graphics and allows players to enjoy the innovative game with quality design and game play. An upgraded version of European Roulette, this 3D game allows players to select multiple view points for the roulette table, giving them more flexibility. The game invites online players to enjoy the thrill of a real casino and allows them to spin the roulette wheel themselves.

The game offers many impressive features and promises to entertain its players at the table. In efforts to offer a realistic and thrilling gaming experience, Swipe Roulette delivers on manyfronts including graphics, game play, and payouts. Players can take part in the game and enjoy several cash rewards and benefits by simply creating an account with Rich Casino.

Rich Casino games

All games at Rich Casino have been designed for quick and effective entertainment. Players can access the games in instant play and download versions. Offering both practice games and real money games, Rich Casino is known for its flexibility and range of options including blackjack, video poker, classic slots, video slots, and numerous versions of roulette. Swipe Roulette is the latest addition to the roster of classic roulette games available at Rich Casino.

Roulette is the Top Table in Land-based Casinos in the UK

According to the latest figures released by the UK Gambling Commission, the nation’s gambling market was worth £6.7 billion in the year ending September 2013. The report, released on Friday, showed a hike of $250 million in market-worth, compared to last year.

Roulette the hottest table in land-based casinos

With a 12 percent hike in revenues over 12 months, it was a good year for land-based casinos in the UK. They earned £1.08 billion in total, making up 16 percent of the country’s total gambling revenue. Bringing in more than £344 million and maintaining its former position, roulette was the top table in land-based casinos.

Baccarat and blackjack shared the second spot. Singularly, baccarat fetched £201 million from its tables – nearly twice as much as it did in the previous year. The commission has attributed the rise in the popularity of baccarat to Asian high rollers in the UK’s casinos.


UK gambling market owes nearly half of its profit to retail betting

The figures released by the commission were exclusive of the UK National Lottery and held retail betting as the largest contributor to the national gambling revenue. With £3.2 billion coming from retail betting, such events accounted for nearly half of the total market value. Revenues from horse betting were up two percent from the previous year.

Operators of online gambling sites witnessed a 16 percent-hike in revenues, contributing £1.06 billion in total. Sports betting revenue was up 17 percent and added £879 million to the total revenue. Betting on online pool activity pitched in £108 million.

The commission also reported that the number of people registering for online gambling rose to a five-year high, hitting 5.2 million in the 12-month period. Both, the number of active accounts and total number of online gambling accounts increased in comparison to the previous year. The report was drafted based on the data from licensed operators only.

Approval for Bath’s First Casino

Approval has been granted to developers for the construction of the first major casino in the Bath, UK area. Initial proposals were rejected a few months ago, but the developers went back and worked on their project and got the seal of approval they needed to get started. Original design problems were cited by the Bath and North East Somerset Council, with most complaints suggesting that the plans did not fit with the surrounding community. The designs have been “softened” and have been given the green light.

casino-card-gameMaterials that will be used in the casino have been altered from blue pennant stone to Bath stone, while significant improvements to the roof and grills designs were made. Lib Dem councilor Manda Rigby, a politician from the area, was happy with the compromises and changes made by developers. She said that this demonstrates they are willing to adhere to the values of the Bath area, instead of “taking over” the city with their casino plans. Another councilor, Brian Webber, had this to say: “I am content with what is in front of us and grateful to the applicants for their willingness to make changes.”

There are many local residents who are still vehemently opposed to the idea of this casino. They are under the impression that the changes being made are superficial at best. “Even if you put lipstick on a pig, it still remains a pig,” said the Bath Heritage Watchdog association.

The casino is set to cost close to 14 million pounds, while it will include a 148 room hotel, two lavish restaurants, and other amenities. There is concern from locals about the number of buildings that will be torn down to make way for this site, along with the re-appropriation of current public and private parking lots. The absence of those parking spaces may significantly impact the traffic that comes in and out of the nearby Mineral Water Hospital.

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Five Quad Betting System – Roulette

The five quad betting strategy is one of many strategies you can use at the roulette table. But before we discuss the particulars of this strategy, let us talk about why you should be thinking of using a betting strategy next time you decide to play roulette.

Many players who enjoy playing roulette think that the game is completely about luck and nothing else. This is the reason why they often bet erratically at the table; they place chips in different positions after every spin and sometimes bet more than they would get in return should they win. Using a betting system will not only have your money in check, but should also give you a fair chance of winning against the house. This of course does not mean that you will be able to reduce the house edge by any means – the game of roulette has its house edge to begin with and there is just no way you can reduce that to work in your favor. The only thing you can do is play the bets that contain the smallest house edge, and that’s where strategic planning begins and ends. So, in other words, it is important to differentiate between strategies in terms of the game itself and strategies that can be employed in correlation with the way you wager your funds.

play rouletteonline roulette

Playing with a betting strategy in mind will not only give you a chance to rebound from a loss but could in theory work positively in the long run. The only problem is that you will need to spend a longer period of time at the table and will only accrue a small profit at the end of the session. Now, the choice is entirely yours whether you want to go for a lucky win or play perceptively and be sure that you will have a better statistical chance at beating the game.

And so talking about statistics, we come to the five quad betting strategy for roulette. This particular betting system covers five quads at the inside layout plus an independent straight up number of your choice. It will be your choice whether the number will be within one of the quads you have chosen to play or outside all quads. Just as a reminder, quad bets are four number bets. You can place such bets by wagering a single chip at the corners of four neighboring numbers at the inside layout of the table.

Here is an example of how the five quad betting strategy can be employed at the roulette table:

The chips you place at the table will embody a zigzag pattern. It is important that the quads you chose to play with do not overlap.

Quad 1: 4, 5, 7, 8
Quad 2: 11, 12, 14, 15
Quad 3: 16, 17, 19, 20
Quad 4: 23, 24, 26, 27
Quad 5: 28, 29, 31, 32

Straight up number: the number of your choice, within or outside any of the five quads included.

Playing 5 quads at a time means that you will cover 20 numbers out of the 37 present at the European roulette layout. This gives you  coverage of 54.05% on the table, unless you add an independent straight up number which will, in combination with the quad bets, give you a total coverage of 56.76%.

The Odds

Each quad bet will pay 8 to 1 and a profit of three chips at a time. If you do not win, however, you will lose all 6 chips, which in essence means that you will have to win the next two games in order to make you money back. These odds are therefore not in your favor. What they do give you however is more time at the table and a chance to get the straight up number which will pay 35 to 1 odds.

Do not make the mistake of combining this betting pattern with the Martingale as this type of wager is not an even bet. If you double your losses you will not win back the same amount you have invested and will always fall short of your profit mark. The idea is that you will be covering more than half of the layout, meaning that with a little bit of luck you could beat the game. Try it out and see whether this system is the one that works for you.

A Winner Speaks Out


There have been countless attempts to cheat the house when it comes to the vastly popular table game of Roulette. However, few are successful, and most cheaters usually end up on the wrong side of a jail cell. Although, history has revealed some people who actually managed to succeed when it came to putting their own wits against this ominous wheel. Doyne Farmer was a mere grad student back in the 1970’s when he developed the world’s first wearable computer and used it to beat the odds at the Roulette wheel. He has been silent on the system he devised until only recently.

Making Smarter Bets

In a paper that was released through his university, Oxford, Farmer reveals to the world that a computer as small as a smart phone can be used to skew the odds in favor of players. This device works based on the principles of physics, taking into account when the ball is set and a chosen spot on the wheel that passes a certain point which is predefined. The computer evaluates a virtual model of the ball as it moves around the wheel, an action that is actually very predictable. Once the ball drops in and begins to bounce, the variables becomes much more complex, however.

The Numbers Favor Winning

The first part of the system allows you to get a very good idea of what section of the wheel the ball will end up in while the counting device gives you much better odds of guessing exactly the right pocket. Guessing the right part of the wheel occurs in 13 out of 22 trial runs. Predicting the exact number occurs in roughly three of these trials, translating to odds of 18 percent for the player rather than a little over 2 percent.

A Doubt and a Prayer


Roulette may seem like one of the most straightforward and classic games that any casino can offer. Although, there are plenty of elements to this game that can be deceiving when it comes to understanding the odds for players and those relevant for the house. Players have even gone so far as to beg the question of whether or not it is possible for Roulette dealers to cheat in any way. Clearing these kinds of concerns in your mind can certainly be helpful the next time that you consider taking on this classic game with the intention of winning some considerable amounts of money.

In European Roulette, players face a house edge of roughly 2.36 percent against. This figure translates into giving you a 1 in 37 chance of winning with every spin. On top of this advantage, some players have voiced the following theories when it comes to the behavior of dealers to sway the odds of the house even more. Some players believe that dealers can “shoot” the ball into certain sections of the wheel, depending on the bets on the table. The average dealer makes thousands of spins each day, certainly not taking this skill out of the realm of possibility. However, this would not be an easy skill to master, especially when no huge personal gain is necessarily on the line for the actual dealer.

Players have also become suspicious of dealers who switch Roulette wheels during play. Players often believe that they can find biases in specific wheels and that casinos switch wheels when this occurs. Today’s Roulette wheels are designed with such advanced techniques that the odds of finding a biased wheel on any casino floor are virtually non-existent. Casinos will, however, switch out wheels to psychologically impact players.

The magnet theory is also proposed often when it comes to doubting the integrity of Roulette wheels. This practice was once widely used by casinos. Today, regulations on gaming have become so stringent that such practices are nearly impossible to carry out undetected. The most prevalent technique used by dealers to throw off players are changes in attitudes that are meant to rush decisions that will result in poor betting.

Floating Casinos Reach Hong Kong

Casino boats have been popular for years. Especially around the United States and Canada, people rely on casino boats when century casinothey are not able to go into casinos to gamble because the boats take people out into international waters. This eliminates the issues with jurisdiction and there is no need to be able to gamble on an Indian reservation.

North America is not the only one to take advantage of casino boats. Hong Kong has recently begun offering “floating casinos” to masses of people. In many instances, people are able to get a room for the night and stay on the casino boat. Some people like to consider it a one day cruise – and it is much more affordable than some of the other casino vacations.

Recently, hotels in Macau have been asked about whether they concerned about the Hong Kong floating casinos taking away from their business. The majority of resorts throughout Macau are not concerned only because they are offering a higher end product. People who stay in Macau are not only coming to gamble but to take advantage of the luxury boutiques, the fine dining restaurants, and various other features.

The positive side of the floating casinos is that more people are able to get introduced to casinos. They are learning how to play the table games and taking advantage of the slot machines. As more people are introduced to the world of gambling, even the online casinos around the world benefit.