Simple Roulette Tips

Congratulations! You have decided to start playing roulette. Roulette is a gambling game many people don’t try. Many people are introduced to gambling through slot machines. Others begin their hobby of gambling through the notable card games of blackjack and poker. However, eventually gamblers decide to try something different. Roulette is a gambling game most people eventually decide to try. Make sure your first experience with this classic gambling game is a positive one. Read on to discover two basic tips to succeed!


The first roulette tip is to select the proper roulette wheel. It’s true! There are two different types of roulette wheels that you are likely to see in casinos or on the Internet. One wheel is a called the American wheel, and the other wheel is called the European wheel. You want to select the European wheel each time you play. Why should you select the European wheel over the American wheel? The European wheel has better odds for you to win! This is because the American roulette wheel has an additional green slot with double zeros inside of it. This gives the house a greater chance of winning. Those tricky Americans! This brings us to the second tip. Always start by betting red or black. This is the easiest bet to understand. It also helps you see why that extra green slot harms your chances on an American roulette wheel.

Take the time to read up on more roulette tips. You can easily find them on the Internet. The key is to keep your head. Always make sure you are betting with probability and strategy. You never want to bet with just impulse. Roulette can be a fantastic gambling experience. Go find a roulette wheel today!

Casino UK Announces Free Roulette eBook

Casino UK has published a new roulette eBook that is completely free to download!

Rioulette eBook Casino UK

From Start to Strategy

The new book is not a simple overview of roulette. It provides an advanced course that establishes a foundation and then builds on that all the way to advanced roulette strategy. This is exactly the kind of book you would expect to find in the gaming section of your local bookstore, and it costs nothing.

Basic and Advanced Play

Casino UK’s book begins by exploring wheel configurations, table layouts, rule sets and variations. It then covers croupier responsibilities and player etiquette, including tipping. From there, players will learn the basic bets and complex bets and have an understanding of how and why to achieve certain odds.

Strategy and Fallacy

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the book is its approach to strategy. Roulette is a game of chance, but players can put themselves in a position to have success, and the book describes how through Martingale and similar systems. It also covers the Gambler’s Fallacy and what will and will not work in roulette strategy. A player finishes this course with the ability to assess other approaches critically.

Continued Education

The free book also has a section dedicated to further reading. Players can identify what aspect of their game to expand, and then target those books and courses that specialize in that topic.

About Casino UK

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